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We embody desire in metal

We embody desire in metal


The entire R&D process in the Rival Company is built by following one goal - to create a quality product that the customer or consumer needs at a competitive price. Through the use of latest planning tools and the ability to manage the process throughout the entire life cycle from development to the launch of mass production, the customer or consumer receives punctually a high-quality product that meets all the stated requirements. All of it has been made possible through a constant investment in the R&D department.

Over the years of tough work, Rival engineers have gained broad experience in:

The constant use of lean manufacturing tools to eliminate the release of products of poor quality

Development of optimal value creation processes

Development of OEM/OES products together with manufacturers applying the quality control standards of the respective car manufacturer, which is confirmed by passed audits.

Tooling design and manufacture (stamps, fixtures, welding conductors)


Additional guarantees for the development of high-quality products in optimal terms are:

  • own high-tech machine park from 3D scanners located in different parts of the world to control and measuring machines, for 100% confidence in the compliance of the actual geometric parameters of the parts, drawings.
  • the availability of machines for the manufacture of the necessary types of equipment and fixtures without the involvement of partners.
  • the engineer is personally present at all stages of sample production and directly installs prototypes on cars, which eliminates the distortion of information if it is necessary to refine the sample.
  • continuous training of employees and the desire of specialists to optimize, made it possible to create the most complex stamps with a higher resource without increasing the cost of manufacturing.

To achieve high results, the Company uses all the tools provided by the IATF standard, including the PPAP documentation approach.


PPAP (Production part approval process) - the process of agreeing on the production part. It includes such methodologies and tools as:

  • FMEA - Failure Risk and Effects Analysis
  • PFD - production process diagram
  • CP - product production management plan
  • MSA - Measurement System Analysis
  • SPC - statistical analysis
  • AAR - appearance matching
  • PSW - permission to manufacture a product